How much of a difference do you think you can make in your life if you make one little change everyday for 29 days?

February is heart health month, and for the 29 days of February, I’m running a contest that will motivate and move you to being fitter, stronger and healthier.

How does it work? Simple.

1) Every morning I will post this question on Facebook: What did you do yesterday that made you healthier today?

2) All you have to do is respond with what you did – either on Facebook, to this blog post or to my Twitter handle @tracidmitchell using the #29greatdays hash.

Contest, huh? How is it judged?
I’ve teamed up with five amazing judges who have earned their stripes in the world of health and fitness, including:
  • Bernie Salazar, Biggest Loser At-home Winner Season 5
  • Angela Park, USA Triathlon Coach
  • Beth Aldrich, Author of Real Moms Love to Eat: How to conduct a love affair with food, lose weight and feel fabulous
  • Tami Conway, owner of The Dailey Method (Chicago)
  • Carly Flaws, TDM follower, fitness junkie and all-around healthy woman
This incredible panel will judge your participation based on your own merit, not against another person.  Posting something that motivates us (and we all want motivation, don’t we?),  regardless of who you are or what your level of fitness is will make a difference! You could be a rock star athlete or just getting off the couch. Anyone can win!
Contestants will be judged on the following:
  • Posts that motivate and inspire (get us off our butts if we’re having a day that’s dragging).
  • Originality of healthy initiative (a 5-minute walk every day is great, but won’t score huge points if that’s the only thing you ever post). Try something new and tell us about it!
  • Sincerity means a lot. This is all about getting healthy. You don’t have to be an open book, but let’s help support one-another. If you’re fitness or nutrition savvy – offer some advice. If you’ve got a question, what better forum to ask? I know I’m all ears!
Prizes? Are there any prizes?
Oh yeah! What fun would a contest be without any prizes? At the end of the month, the judges will face the daunting challenge of selecting nine (9) runners up and one (1) overall winner.  Our amazing sponsors include:  Running Away Multisport ,  SPARK Multisport Coaching, MARK BAR™,  The Dailey Method®, Beth Aldrich, and Thermos®.
Grand Prize Package
One lucky winner gets this dandy bag of goodies – everything a motivated body needs!
Runners Up
Nine runners up are also recognized for their help in motivating other by receiving the following:
  •  Real Moms Love to Eat Book
  • The Dailey Method DVD
  • Under Armor Performance Water Bottles by Thermos
  • The MARK BAR: A stash of the latest and greatest pre-workout nutrition bars
OK, I’m in, but do I have to post everyday?
Nope. You don’t have to. You can post as often as you’d like. But the more often you post, the more you’ll motivate others and inspire someone to do something, possibly what you just did, that could change their life! Try to post something most days of the week.
What counts as a post?
Just about anything that makes you healthier than how you would have been if you’d have done nothing at all.
Some ideas you should consider:
  • Workout 10 minutes more
  • Take a longer walk with your dog
  • Choose a baked sweet potato over french fries
  • Try a new class, like yoga, Zumba or Spinning
  • Take 5 minutes for yourself to do nothing but breathe deeply
  • Throw out a bag of potato chips
  • Toss any leftover holiday candy/don’t buy any new Valentine’s Day candy
  • Say “no” to someone who asks for one too many favors
  • Turn off the TV and call someone who you’ve been thinking about
  • Eat breakfast (if you don’t)
  • Eat less (if you eat too much)
  • Involve your kids, grand kids, nieces or nephews in on making a healthy meal
  • Eat carrots with hummus instead of ranch dressing
  • Stretch
  • Go onto YouTube and find something that makes you laugh…then laugh at it!
  • …the ways you can make your life healthier, stronger and less stressful are endless.

Is this just a silly contest, or is there any real value to it?
Every little bit counts. Heart disease is the leading cause of death among men, and is taking the lives of more and more women each and every minute. Did you know…

  • Heart disease is the third leading cause of death among women 25 – 44.
  • Heart disease is the second leading cause of death among women 45 – 64.
  • Heart disease is the leading cause of death among women 65+.
The greatest thing about this contest is that YOU will help to motivate other people who are looking for inspiration. Join my Facebook or Twitter community today. Don’t feel like being that social? Go ahead and post after this blog post (contest begins 2/1, no need to start posting now). Everyone involved is excited to hear from you – especially me! Thank you!
Stop by to check out our sponsor and judges’ bio page! What can I say? They’re all great!




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