What I loved (and didn't love so much) about The Hot Chocolate 5k:

1) LOVED the little squares of chocolate. They were actually really good. I'm sure I'd change my mind if I knew the ingredients.
2) DIDN'T love the crazy-long packet pick up line outside in the cold. I didn't wait myself, but my 4-year-old daughter and husband did.
3) LOVED Jim Cornelison singing the national anthem before the race. He sings the national anthem at all Blackhawks game. Amazing voice.
4) DIDN'T love paying $31 to park. I guess it's just part of living in Chicago.
5) LOVED the great attitude most people racing had, considering there were 40,000 participants they had to contend with, not including spectators and support staff.
6) DIDN'T love the hot chocolate as much. I know, I know - most people loved it. It just tasted like hot water with lots of chocolate added.
7) LOVED that I tied for 3rd in my age group considering I just got over a 3 week bout of bronchitis (hence my reason for not being so active blogging about my training...will recap that in the blog soon).
8) DIDN'T love the last "hill" before the finish of the race. Let's face it, Chicago is pancake flat, so any sort of incline feels like a mountain...
9) LOVED running in the cold. It might not be the most comfortable before the start of the race, but people generally run much faster when they're not hot.
10) LOVED running with my husband, Justin, who ran a 5:51 pace and took 2nd in his age group. Not bad considering the competition was stiff.

Did you do the race? What did you think?


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