Every parent knows just how sponge-like their kids are. As it turns out, the monkey-see-monkey-do phenomenon kicks into high gear at the dinner table, too. I came across an article in Science Daily that highlighted the results of a study reiterating just how important it is to eat healthy around your children.

Kids' vegetable consumption dramatically increased when they ate healthy meals, including veggies with their parents while at home, and with their teachers when at school.

Kids are resilient, but so many  bad foods habits that start during childhood carryover to adult life. Show your kids how important eating healthy is by:

  • Eating meals together
  • Serving veggies as an "appetizer" before meals
  • Talking about eating healthy throughout the day - not just during meal time

Eating a variety of foods is important, too! What your kids like might surprise you. Bring foods you (or your kids) have never tried before to the table. Nothing is more rewarding to a parent than a healthy child. Start today with dinner!

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