It’s been a while since I’ve posted on my blog. That being said, I’ve been really busy! I’ve been writing quite a bit for and a little for as well. Additionally, I’m very excited to tell you that late this spring I signed a contract with Harlequin Nonfiction to write my first book called The Belly Burn Plan! Writing a book has always been something I’ve wanted to do, and now it’s finally happening. 

The biggest new of all, however, is…I’m having a baby. Anyone that’s seen me for the past few months is very well aware of this as my growing belly is a dead giveaway! I’m due in November and have been doing my best to eat as healthy as possible and stay in good shape. Regular workouts, clean eating and plenty of good, quality sleep are staples in my life. Not really much of a difference from non-pregnant day-to-day. 

As I sit here very pregnant, writing a book about workouts and healthy eating (more about my book later), I’m extremely anxious to start running in a few 5 and 10Ks again. My usual training shoe is Asics, and has been for years. They work for me because they’re comfortable, the toe box is wide enough (read: no black and blue toes) and they can really take a beating. The Asics’ 2014 Gel Pursue are really great…so great that I’m giving away a pair! Do you need a good pair of running shoes? Well, you’re in luck. Here are the details about how you can get a pair. 

How to enter:

Sign up for my newsletter. It’s free. If you’re already receiving my newsletter, consider yourself entered! 

How long will the contest run?

The contest will run from September 23rd through September 30th at midnight CST. The winner will be notified on Wednesday, October 1st in my newsletter. Winners will have 48 hours to claim the shoes. If the winner does not come forward, a runner up will be selected and notified. 

Is the shoe men’s or women’s?

Either. If you win, you’ll receive a redemption code. With this code, you can select the size and appropriate gender.

Does ASICS ship internationally?

No. ASICS only ships within the USA. 

Can I send to a friend?


Are you going to run promos like this regularly?

Yes, the goal is to run a promotion every month, giving away prizes that are health, fitness and clean eating related. In between those promotions, I’ll be sending you some really great healthy seasonal recipes, great workouts and lots of other information. 

Good luck! And don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter.

Traci D Mitchell is a certified personal trainer, nutrition educator, mom of (almost) 3 and author of The Belly Burn Plan (Harlequin Nonfictin, April 2015). She’s a regular on The Steve Harvey Show, and has appeared on Dr. Oz, The TODAY Show, as well as in Shape, SELF and Whether she’s working with clients or writing about health and fitness, her focus is to get people to eat clean, lose belly fat and stay healthy! Traci can be reached at traci [at] tracidmitchell [dot] com.

 Full Disclosure: ASICS Gel Pursue provided compliments of ASICS. 

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