This morning I'll be going on The TODAY Show with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford to talk body types - specifically foods that are right for your body type. If you miss the show and are interested in what's going on, here is what I'll be talking about.

Foods for Your Body Type

There are a lot of different diets out there that are marketed to help us lose weight - some good and some, in my opinion, not so good. The big differentiating factor between what makes a diet good or unhealthy is healthy eating. Sounds like a contradiction, right? We automatically assume that all diets have us eating healthy, thus, we lose weight. That's not always the case. Let's leave those "unhealthy diets" on the shelf for the day and talk about healthier diets.

Healthy diets typically vary from low fat/moderate carbohydrate to high protein/higher fat (significantly cutting back on carb) and everything in between. Some people do fantastic on traditional low fat diets, and some people do great on high protein diets that are higher in fat. When I say they do well, I mean they thrive - they're healthier. This is the crux of what I focus on - metabolic typing. Defining which foods are ideal for your body. Not everyone who starts eating a healthier diet wants to lose weight, they just want to live healthier - as we all should. But for those of us who DO want to shed a few pounds, there are foods we should eat and foods we should avoid, depending on our body type.

The Four Body Types

Through metabolic typing, body types fall into one of four general categories:

Apple Shape Body Type

This apple gains weight through the midsection and usually has thinner legs and arms.

Foods the apple should avoid include refined carbs, particularly sweets and caffeine. This type should eat a diet rich in protein and healthy fats - even higher fat foods, such as full fat yogurt. The apple does well eating three squares a day.

You can read about and download the Apple Shape Meal Plan right here.

The Pear

This body type tends to put weight on through the hips and thighs, and maybe in the lower belly area, creating a "pear" shape.

Foods the pear should avoid include spicy foods and high fat dairy. The pear does better eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and lean meats. The pear should eat opposite of the babyface, in pyramid fashion, eating a small breakfast, moderate lunch and larger dinner.

You can read about and download the Pear Shape Meal Plan right here.

The Inverted Pyramid

The Inverted Pyramid, also known as the triangle shape,  typically carries a lot of their weight though their upper body, is on the shorter side and has no problem gaining muscle (even if they're not an athlete). When excess weight comes on, it's stored in the upper arms, back and chest.

Foods the athlete should avoid include saltier, savory foods. This body type should make dinner the meal of the day, eating a light breakfast and lunch.

You can read about and download the Inverted Pyramid Shape Meal Plan right here.

The Hourglass

This person puts weight on in their face, as you might have guessed, but also throughout their body. It's usually evenly distributed.

Foods the babyface should avoid include dairy, particularly high fat dairy. This body type should eat like a reverse pyramid, eating a bigger breakfast, moderate lunch and smaller dinner.

You can read about and download the Hourglass Shape Meal Plan right here.

Traci Mitchell on TODAY Show talking Eating Right for Your Body Type

Traci Mitchell on TODAY Show talking Eating Right for Your Body Type


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