Line up any ten people, and nine of them will most likely want to tweak something about their body – if not change their shape altogether. Over the years I’ve worked with clients I’ve heard a myriad of requests from, “How do I get rid of the lunch lady arms?” to “Help me get rid of this J-Lo booty!”

Spot Reducing Trouble Zones
When it comes to fitness, spot reduction of fatty areas is a hot subject – and will probably always be. If you’ve got a tummy that needs a little toning, ab exercises can help strengthen the muscle under the fat, but won’t necessarily get rid of the fat itself. The same applies for every “trouble” area of a person’s body, from flabby arms to loose legs.
Building the extra muscle is really important to boosting metabolism. In effect, this jolt to your metabolic rate could help you lose unwanted fat in those areas, but there is no guarantee. The focus to target trouble zones is all about what you eat.
The Body Shape Battle
As a metabolic typing advisor, I’ve worked with a myriad of body types, including apples, pears, rulers and triangles, to name a few. More often than not, the body shape they come to me with is the shape they’ve had all their life…well at least since puberty when hormones started going into overdrive. They may have gained or lost weight over the years, but they keep coming back to the shape they’ve always had.
Shedding weight in an area of our body that tends to store excessive fat can be done, but largely through nutrition. Metabolic Typing really works, but requires self-discipline.  Here is a short cut to what you should and should not eat, depending on your body type. This is not your metabolic type, but it will give you an understanding to how effective eating right can be. Stick with the following plan for two weeks and let me know how you do! If you want to learn more, contact me about getting your metabolic type.
WAIT! Before you read any further, take a deep breath. The foods you’ll be advised not to eat based on your body type are probably the foods you crave most. We tend to gravitate to comfort foods that stimulate the hormones in our body that are, in many ways, responsible for fat storage in specific areas.
Body Type
Gonad (aka Pear)
Your shape is always bottom heavy, even on good days. When you do add a few pounds, it tends to go to your hips and thighs. When you lose weight, it’s typically through your tummy or even your chest. If you’ve got cravings, you tend to gravitate to decadent fattier foods, or spicy foods.
What to avoid: high fat dairy, red meats, rich desserts and spicy foods.
Meal sizes: you’re better off eating like a pyramid, with the lightest meal on top, and the heaviest meal on the bottom.
Snacks: you’re type is usually best with a piece of fruit.
Thyroid (aka Apple)
You’ve probably been complimented on your legs more times than you can count, but have always been troubled through your abdominal region. The second you put on a pound you’ve got to loosen your belt a full notch, but never in the arms or legs. You’ve also probably got one heck of a sweet tooth.
What to avoid: black tea, coffee, colas, sugary foods and refined carbohydrate.
Meal sizes: you’re good with three squares a day, all about the same size.
Snacks: if you must, try going for a hard-boiled egg or some meat. Think protein.
Adrenal (the Athlete)
Oh, my adrenal friend…You probably aren’t a skyscraper, but you’re probably the ringer on any sports team, or at least have the build to look like you could be. Naturally athletic, you’re shorter, bigger boned with square shoulders and an equal balance through your body. When you wack on the weight, however, it tends to go everywhere between the shoulders to the hips – and this includes the back. Your preference for food is probably more on the savory than sweet side.
What to avoid: butter, high fat cheese, salty food, shellfish and red meat
Meal sizes: Go easy on breakfast and lunch with a focus on more protein, then make dinner your bigger meal of the day
Snacks: low fat yogurt or low fat cheeses will probably suffice
Pituitary (Babyface)
Hey, cutie! Your type seems to distribute weight everywhere, including the face, hands, fingers – not just the midsection, chest and bottom. If you’ve got a hankering for something, it’s probably in the dairy group.
What to avoid: black tea, coffee, butter, cream, ice cream, sour cream and yogurt
Meal sizes: Enjoy the start of your day by eating a larger breakfast followed by a medium lunch and a light dinner
Snacks: Fresh vegetable and a something small and whole grain are good to have on-hand

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