If you're traveling over the holidays, it can be hard to get in a workout, let alone make it into the gym. Surprise your body (and metabolism) by doing a few of these exercises that can be done ANYWHERE:

30 Lunges (alternating legs)
30 Jumping Jacks
60 High Knees (like running in place, but pulling your knees up as high as possible)
*30 - 60 Second Rest, Repeat 3 times

20 Push Ups (on knees if necessary)
45 - 60 Second Plank (on forearms)
30 Crunches
*30 - 60 Second Rest, Repeat 3 times

10 - 15 Burpees
30 Second Wall Squat
45 - 60 Seconds Plank (straight arm)
*30 - 60 Second Rest, Repeat 3 times

**300 calories is an approximation based on the average size woman of 5'4", 150 pounds**

Even though 300 calories may not seem like a lot, this workout is a metabolic shocker and will really get your body moving. Think AFTERBURN! Have fun!
Looking for other great workouts? Check out this bodyweight medicine ball workout. Simple enough to do anywhere as well!


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