I’m really excited to tell you about a contest that I’m helping run through the month of October called the Courtney Crozier Calorie Challenge. If Courtney’s name sounds familiar to you, that’s because she was a contestant on season 11 of The Biggest Loser. She appeared on the show with her mother, Marci Crozier. Both of them are motivating and inspiring. If you’re in the Chicago area on November 1st, you’re welcome to come by and meet them. I’ll give you more info on that soon, but first let me tell you about the Challenge.

Now through October 31st, Courtney is leading a team of people to burn 100,000 calories. She wants YOU to get active with her. The Courtney Crozier Calorie Challenge involves riding on an Expresso bike. Chances are that if you belong to a health club, there is a good chance a few Expresso bikes are sitting in with the rest of the cardio equipment. What makes them different from a traditional stationary bike is that you can interact with them. (Find out if your health club has an Expresso bike here). You login to your profile via an interactive screen to track your ride.

Courtney told me she’s really excited about the Calorie Challenge because “it keeps ALL of us accountable to reach our goals & to stay fit and healthy! There’s nothing like a group of people who can reach their goals together. I firmly believe you can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it!” ‘Nuff said!

Join Team Courtney! Here’s how:
1) Create a free account here.
2) Find an Expresso bike.
3) Get on an Expresso bike (don’t forget to login!)
4) Ride as much as possible through October 31st.
5) Join us at the Swissotel to meet Courtney and Marci Crozier from The Biggest Loser and stick around to hear who the winners are! Register for FitFest here.

Your results will be associated with your account and calculated automatically. No need to do math on your end.

Join Us on November 1st!
Come join, Courtney, Marci, me and a bunch of other people who love staying healthy at FitFest on November 1st at Chicago’s Swissotel. Courtney will announce the top three winners of the Challenge at FitFest. The best part – the top 3 winners take home cash prizes!! FitFest is free. Register for FitFest here.

If you’re making a special trip to Chicago to see Courtney, the Swissotel has a special rate of $199 for the event. You can book your room through this link to get a great rate.

I hope to see you there.

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