For the record, I mostly want to run faster for my upcoming 5K. That said, the type of training I'm doing, largely based around intervals, does a helluva job boosting metabolism as well! Good for me! ...And maybe good for you, too, if you want to do a few workouts that will leave you feeling ultra invigorated and energized. Sure, we could all train slow and steady, but a 5K is a relatively short race. Shorter races should be run a little faster. Training slow for a fast race just doesn't make sense to me. If you want to know which zone you should be training in for fat loss, here is my two cents on that topic...and no, it's not the 'fat burning zone.'

If you're catching up with my 5K training posts for the first time, here's full disclosure: my husband is training me. It's a perk of marriage, I guess. But since I'm not paying him with money, the door is left wide open for critiquing. And I received a much-deserved critique of my running after Day 8, which I will explain shortly.

If you'd like to go back to previous training days, you can do that here:

Days 1 - 3
Days 4 - 7

Below are days 8 through 11.

Note: I left the plan unchanged from how my 'coach' sent it to me. It's in his words, but pretty clear. I may have a note or two at the bottom.

Day 8

By now you should be warming up in a similar way for each workout. This is the warm up you need to complete on race day.
Movement Prep. & Drills ~20 minutes
Warm Up Run Set
Maintain heart rate between 70 - 75%
2mins, 2% incline
1min 0%
2mins 4% incline
1min 0%
2mins 6% incline
1min 0%
2mins 4% incline
1min 0%
2mins 2% incline(Note from Traci: 70 - 75% is challenging, but not all-out crazy hard. I made the mistake of running too fast with the incline and nearly fell apart. Running on an incline is a great workout, but generally speaking, you'll need to slow your pace down when you do this. In fact, you might need to decrease speed every time you add a little more incline.) 

Main Run Set
4 x 4mins on 5mins; descend 1-4 to number 4 at 85%

(Note from Traci: Basically you're doing four (4) 5-minute intervals with 4 minutes of running and 1 minute of rest. Run a little faster with every interval, maxing your heart rate at 85% - or close to it.) 

Cool down.

Day 9

Warm Up
Movement Prep. & Drills ~20 minutes

Warm Up Run Set
8x 45 seconds on hard effort /15 easy.
4x 2mins
1 easy, 2 mod, 3 hard, 4 easy

Main set:
3 x
1 mile 70-75%% 2mins rest
1/2 mile 75%-80% 90sec rest
1/4 mile above race pace
2 mins between sets.

Cool down.

Day 10

Active Rest Day! Relax.

(Note from Traci: Rest days are important for a number of reasons. Your body needs to rebuild, and can do this on a day you're not physically exhausting your body. When you train like this, you break down muscle tissue.  It can't be rebuilt unless you give it a chance. Active rest days SHOULD have some movement. A few examples include long walks, yoga or an easy bike ride.)

Day 11

Warm Up
Movement Prep. & Drills ~20 minutes

Warm up set:
3 x 1/2 miles 1min rest
1 at Easy pace
2 at Moderate pace
3 at Race pace
Main Run Set:
Tempo! Get focused and put in some fast running. Do not go too hard on the first one or else you will blow up.
3 x 7min intervals on 10 minutes.
1 at 75/80%
2 at 80/85%
3 at 85/90%
(Note from Traci: You're run three (3) seven minute intervals at the specified heart rates. Recover for three minutes. Go again!)
**Bonus set**
10x 30sec on 30sec off. Focus on form and foot strike
Cool Down.
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