You can lose weight, and lots of if, by changing a few small details in your day-to-day lifestyle. If you're already eating healthy and frustrated that you can't lose weight, give these four simple weight loss tips a try.

1. Sleep
A recent commentary published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal suggested that less sleep  = increased motivation to eat.  The connection between sleep and weight loss is nothing new. In fact, numerous studies have linked even modest sleep deprivation (five or fewer hours of sleep a night) with decreased muscle mass and increased overall body fat. Sleep. It does a body good.

2. Get Hot
Taking the time to spend and extra 10 or 15 minutes in the sauna may seem frivolous, or like you're pampering yourself, but research has shown that relaxing in a steam room or sauna helps to put our bodies into "rest and digest" mode by stimulating our parasympathetic nervous system. In a nutshell, we stress less in this type of relaxed environment and reduce the amount of cortisol in our body. Dr. Mark Hyman, author of Ultrametabolism, suggests even modest downtime in a sauna can promote just as much weight loss as a comparable amount of time cardiovascular exercise.

3. Drink Up
Water. We need to drink it, but few of us drink enough. In terms of weight loss, drinking water improves our body's metabolism significantly. In addition to the metabolic effect, it helps to flush out toxins. Incidentally, a lot of people feel hydrated (and could very well be) by drinking sodas (diet and sugar-loaded), juices or other liquids loaded with toxins. What they don't realize is that all those toxins get trapped in our bodies making it very difficult to shed the pounds. Think of your body as an engine. If you've got a bunch of gunk and sludge clogging you up, you can run on all cylinders. Pushing the toxins out by drinking water is a great way to start. It will help clean out your body which, in turn, will help you lose weight.

4. 5 Hard Minutes
Slow and steady wins the race. [Yawn.] Get moving - and push yourself a little bit! If you're already working out, even if it's walking, take five minutes to drive your heart rate up high. If five minutes is too big of a chunk, do five one-minute intervals with one minute rest in between. High intensity interval training made up of short burst followed by recovery has shown time and again to improve weight loss, particularly fat loss through the belly. If you want to lose weight and are already eating fairly healthy but can shift the scale, give yourself a push outside your comfort zone. Try this one a day for a few weeks. Don't be surprised if you see a big change.

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