It’s been a while since I posted a workout for you all. I’m calling this one the 25-10-25 Full Body Fat Sizzler. You’ll see why in a moment.

The past year has been jam-packed for me. I wrote The Belly Burn Plan, finished a second master’s degree and had a baby! How that all got done is still a mystery to me. Suffice it to say, things got a little out of balance for me. Now that things are back to smooth sailing (with the exception of a few baby-related sleepless nights), I’m more focused than ever on giving my clients the attention they need to feel healthy and strong.

I work with about half of my clients in their home. This means I have to get creative to give them a workout that is challenging, but not the same boring routine, either. Usually, working with a client in-home means using very little equipment. I designed this workout to use no equipment whatsoever.

I always pair my workouts with nutrition guidance. You can never exercise away a bad diet. But if you are going to exercise, and you need to lose body fat, then high intensity interval training (HIIT) is a great way to make that happen. The first circuit of this workout is really a continuation of the warm up with a little more energy. The second workout is where the intensity comes in. The third set hones in on upper body and some core. Regardless of which circuit you prefer, give them all you’ve got!

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Get ready to dig in. Here is your workout. Print this and take this with you on vacation or work trips.

Warm up – 5 minutes walking/jogging

Circuit 1
25 Jumping Jacks
25 Squats
25 Lunges (each leg)

Circuit 2
10 Plyo Jumps*
10 Burpees
10 SLOW Mountain Climbers* (each side)

Circuit 3
25 Push Ups (on knees if necessary)
25 Floor Tricep Dips* (from floor)
25 Plank Jacks*

Repeat each circuit a total of three (3) times.

*Exercise definitions below.

Plyo Jumps
This jump is similar to a jump squat, but much more explosive.
1) Start with your feet hip-width apart.
2) Squat deeply.
3) Come out of the squat by jumping as high as you can, leading with your arms.
4) As you come down, land as soft as possible, bending your knees to absorb the jump.

Tip: This exercise will really work the big muscles of your thighs and bottom. Any plyo, or plyometric, exercise is explosive in nature, and these jumps are no exception. Because Plyo Jumps push your heart rate up high and fast, the number of repetitions is fairly low. Do every Plyo Jump slow and controlled, focusing on the quality of the jump, rather than how fast you can get through it. 

Slow Mountain Climbers
Exactly like a traditional mountain climber, but taking a five second hold with your knee as close as possible to your elbow.
1) Start down on the ground in a straight-arm plank position, resting on your hands and toes with your back straight.
2) Bring your right knee up and in toward your right elbow.
3) Return your right foot back to the starting position.
4) Repeat on the opposite side by bringing your left knee to your left elbow.
Tip: Concentrate on keeping your abs drawn in and pulling your knees as close as possible to your elbow. This is a great full body exercise that gives extra attention to your abs, back and shoulders.

Floor Tricep Dips
This is one of my favorite exercises for keeping arms lean and toned.
1) Begin by sitting on the floor with your knees bent.
2) Place your hands flat on the floor beside your hips, fingertips toward your feet.
3) Lift your hips off the ground, putting pressure on your heels.
4) Without letting your hips touch the ground, bend your elbows, then straighten them back out.
5) Continue repeating step four. 

Plank Jacks
1) Start in a straight-arm plank position with your feet close together.
2) Like a horizontal jumping jack, jump your feet out into a wide V position without moving your upper body.
3) Quickly jump your feet back together to the starting position.
Tip: Not only does this give your body a little variety from a traditional plank, it also adds the added challenge of some extra cardiovascular work. Don’t forget, this is still an abs exercise, so keep your tummy tight the entire time.