Burpee Magic Full Body Workout

Burpees are the centerpiece of this three circuit full body workout. Along with the burpees are several exercises that hone in on shaping the big muscles of the legs and the stabilizing muscles of the abs. This workout is 40 minutes long and will keep you moving the...

Amazing Ab Workout

This truly is an amazing ab workout that will define your core muscles and work your heart at the same time. Getting great results isn’t easy, so be prepared. In the end, you’ll be happy you committed to this workout. Your body is worth it! Total workout time: 45...

3-2-1 GO! Full Body Workout

This cardio/strength combo workout, in its entirety, will take you about 50 minutes to wrap up. Each strength combination set should repeat two times. You start each circuit running, either on a treadmill or outside on a hill. If running outside, it’s ok to repeat the...

3-Way Fat Blaster Tabata Workout

Are you ready to try the 3-Way Fat Blaster Tabata Workout? A Tabata workout is a set of eight intervals, each lasting 20 seconds with a 10 second rest before repeating. The goal is to perform each interval at a high intensity level. Sounds easy, right? 20 seconds on,...

Pace Setter Full Body Workout

This workout hit all the big movers in your body, including your bottom (glutes), thighs (quads), arms (shoulders/biceps) as well as back and abs. What’s more, you’ll be getting in a good amount of cardio to exercise your heart! Equipment Needed: Dumbbells (between 7...

Isometric Workout

Get ready to squeeze and hold muscle with this isometric workout. Isometrics are such a great – and portable – way to incorporate strength training into your workout, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. An isometric contraction is when your muscle contracts...
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