Black Bean Soup

Black beans are extremely healthy and a good source of protein. Our digestive tract also loves beans. In fact, just one serving of means provides 15 grams of fiber. This recipe is good for a cool night and makes for great leftovers, too.  Apple Types: This recipe is a...
Athlete Shape Meal Plan

Athlete Shape Meal Plan

UPDATE (It’s good): Hi friends! The 10-Pound Club is no longer available, BUT I put everything about the Athlete plan (now know as Inverted Pyramid) into my book, order it today (paperback or digital download). In the book, you’ll get: a six-week meal plan, 65 simple...
Pear Shaped Meal Plan

Pear Shaped Meal Plan

If you’ve got a defined waist, with a little extra fat around this hips, thighs and (maybe) below the belly button – you’re a pear shape.  Often times when people try to lose body fat, they follow a one-size-fits-all diet, restricting calories and jumping on the scale...
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