You can’t exercise away a bad diet. But you can’t lose weight by dieting. It seems like there’s not way to lose weight, right?

You want to be healthy. You want to drop a few pounds and exercise more and eat the right foods, but no matter what you do, it always seems like something is getting in the way of your progress. I hear you!

If you’re struggling with finding a healthy and happy balance between the foods you eat and losing unhealthy body fat – I’m here to help.

Lose Weight Without Dieting

Hi, my name is Traci and I used to be a chronic dieter. My grocery list had two rules: 1) buy low fat and 2) buy diet soda.

My chronic dieting pushed me into overexercising. I would sit on a piece of cardio for an hour a day (or longer) counting the calories I burned. Despite eating foods that were minimal on fat and exercising my butt off, I couldn’t lose weight. In fact, I gained it.

Then I got sick. You can read more about that here, but it got ugly. Let’s just say, when you’re laying in ICU, you really don’t care about weight anymore. It took a lot for me to see what I was doing wrong. But as soon as I did, I made significant hams that benefit me today – over 15 years later. Now with three kids in tow, I’m fitter than that I’ve ever been. I don’t count calories, eat plenty of healthy fat, and don’t over exercise.

On the Blog

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