Where do I start? My name is Traci. About 15 years ago, I got sick. Really sick. It was the “please say a prayer for Traci as she lays in ICU” kind of sick…and it was the best thing that could have ever happened to me (more on that later). Of course, I would never wish what happened to me happen to anyone else, but in my life, it was the catalyst I needed to make some serious changes. It turns out, the changes I’ve made have helped a lot of people. I’m grateful.

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Is a Keto Diet Really Safe and Healthy for Everyone?

Keto or Ketogenic diets have become wildly popular in recent years, promising, and often resulting in signifiant weight loss. But is a keto diet really safe and healthy for everyone? Keto diets are extremely high in fat, and have actually been around for quite a long...

5 Foods to Avoid if You Need to Get Rid of Belly Fat

If you really want to get rid of belly fat - there are some foods you simply need to avoid. I've taken a few minutes to highlight the 5 big foods you should cut out to reduce belly fat. You might expect to see a couple of these foods on the list. But there are a...

7 Perfect Foods for Apple Shape Bodies

Apple-shaped bodies, this one’s for you! Whether it’s something that’s been plaguing you your whole life, or if it’s a few pounds that have slowly started creeping onto your midsection over the past few years, belly fat is serious. Unique from fat that gets stored...

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