Personal Training with Trainer Traci D Mitchell in Chicago

Traci D MitchellPersonal Trainer, Traci D Mitchell is now accepting new clients for the New Year! Traci has spent 12 years training clients, combining both fitness and diet coaching in her approach.  Work with Traci one-on-one in her Chicago location, or via phone/Skype remotely, to achieve weight loss, improved health and greater energy.

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Private Personal Training 


Beginning January 8th, work with Traci in Chicago’s Roscoe Village neighborhood. She’ll set up a training plan specific for you, addressing your strengths and weaknesses.

**Note: All packages include nutrition or diet coaching.** 

One-on-One Packages
Single Session: $120

**Ready to set up your first appointment? Contact Traci here.**

Train-with-a-Friend Packages 
VALUE PACKAGE 2 Friends 10-Pack: $1140 ($57/person/session)
2 Friends Single Session: $135
VALUE PACKAGE 3 Friends 10-Pack: $1160 ($38/person/session) 
3 Friends Single Session: $145
VALUE PACKAGE 4 Friends 10-Pack: 
$1180 ($29/person/session) 
4 Friends Single Session: $155

Condo and apartment residents: I’m happy to work with you in your building. Please note there is a per session travel fee of $25.  

**Ready to set up your first appointment? Contact Traci here.**

30-Minute Remote Personal Training 

If you’re motivated, but need direction with your workouts to get the body you want, online personal training sessions are for you. Thirty minute sessions are done via phone or Skype® and conveniently scheduled around a time that works for you. Work directly with Traci, who will create a training plan that suits your needs.
*First session is 60 minutes and includes a complimentary 30-minute intake session
Sessions include:

  • Personalized based on your strengths, weaknesses and goal
  • Regular email support to address questions/concerns
  • Sessions typically cover fitness and diet, based on client’s goals

30-Minute Remote Packages 
5 Sessions: 220
10 Sessions: $420 ($33.60/session) SAVE 84

**Ready to set up your first appointment? Contact Traci here.**

Group Services

The Waistlines group service is geared toward companies who want to see the productivity and overall health of their employees improve through making better diet and exercise choices.

9-to-5 Waistline Workshop
This unique wellness workshop addresses the pitfalls that can often sabotage an employee’s health and wellbeing. Don’t let a  successful career can  throw off a healthy lifestyle. Long hours and poor eating habits can create a myriad of health problems that can often be reduced by a proper diet and exercise program. The 9-to-5 Waistline Workshop caters to employees of companies from small to large, and covers the dos and don’ts of office eating, workplace stress and do-anywhere exercises.  Contact me for more information.

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