Tight Butt and Thighs Full Body Workout

Looking to tone and tighten your butt and thighs? This full body workout will do the trick. All you need are  a couple light hand weights/dumbbells, preferably between 4 – 8 pounds. If you don’t have any, and are working out at home, grab a couple of large soup cans, a gallon of milk (7.7 pounds) or something you can get your hands on…literally.

Total workout time: 40 minutes

Equipment needed: 2 hand-held weight (Don’t have one? Don’t worry!)

Warm Up: 5 Minutes

Circuit 1

30 Squat Stand Crossover Punch
15 Lunges w/ Tap
20 Push Ups
**2 Min Cardio Sprint**

Circuit 2

60 Speed Skaters
30 Tricep Kickback
40 Mountain Climbers
**2 Min Cardio Sprint**


Circuit 3

60 High Knees
15 Shoulder Presses (increase repetitions by 10 if using light weight)
15 – 20 Reverse Flies
**2 Min Cardio Sprint**

 **Indicates heart rate should come up quite high. These are high intensity body weight exercises and should be done at full effort. These high intensity intervals are the metabolic booster of the workout.

Have a question about an exercise? Check the Exercise Glossary.

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