Lose Five Pounds in Two Weeks With These Four Tips

When I start working with a new client who wants to lose weight, I try to identify where their weaknesses are. More often than not, those weaknesses don’t differ too drastically. Here are four of my tried and true tips that help to bring my clients back into... read more

7-Minute Full Body Workout

Bring on the new year with this 7-minute full body workout. Even if you’re crunched for time or can’t make it into the gym, this workout is simple, but tough…and can be done anywhere.  As you do this workout, keep tabs on how many repetitions you do. If... read more

Short and Sweet Full Body Workout

Want a short and sweet full body workout? It’s here! This workout keeps you moving at a moderately high intensity for about eight minutes. The burpees and the high knees will bring your heart rates up very high. Do not rest until you come to the end of the... read more

No Bake Chocolate Cherry Brownies

The combination of chocolate and cherry is a culinary standout. In my opinion, it’s the Sonny and Cher of the food world. But is this dynamic duo healthy? Commonly drenched in mounds of milk chocolate, or plopped onto of a scoop of vanilla ice cream, the poor cherry’s... read more
“I have worked with Traci D. Mitchell on multiple segments of NBC’s nationally syndicated Steve Harvey. She has lent her expertise in the areas of nutrition and fitness to our guests, helping turn their health, attitudes and lives around. She is a motivational force to be reckoned with! Traci is truly a unique expert who is not only knowledgeable, but also kind, compassionate and warm.” Sushupti Yalamanchili

Sr. Producer, The Steve Harvey Show

“Traci is a hidden gem in the world of diet and exercise. As a contestant on The Biggest Loser, and someone who greatly values fitness and nutrition myself, I find Traci’s approach and advice both relatable and reliable.” Courtney Crozier

Contestant, Biggest Loser Season 11

“I’ve knows Traci for over 10 years, throughout which she’s remained passionate about diet and exercise. Traci connects with people who face weight loss challenges by simply and easily breaking down how specific foods behave in the body, particularly as it relates to belly fat.” Abby Roth, MD

Northwestern Memorial Hospital