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Belly Burning Full Body Workout Athleta-Style

00001100Last month I was asked to be the Lifestyle Ambassador for Athleta’s Southport Store. I love Athleta and the way the company embraces a balanced health for women…so, of course, I said YES! I’m partnered with two other amazing women from...

25-10-25 Full Body Fat Sizzler Workout

00010000It’s been a while since I posted a workout for you all. I’m calling this one the 25-10-25 Full Body Fat Sizzler. You’ll see why in a moment. The past year has been jam-packed for me. I wrote The Belly Burn Plan, finished a second master’s degree and had a...

Choco-Chia Bites: A Healthy Chocolate Snack

00000000I’m wrapping up the final recipes for The Belly Burn RESET that kicks off in a couple of weeks. Making these Choco-Coco bites wasn’t exactly on the agenda, but I was running out of the homemade cookies I made for my kids and needed something else...

Nut Free Maple Zucchini Muffins

00040111Every once in a while, I use an ingredient and it absolutely makes the difference between good and great. I kind of hinted at it in the title of the recipe…Nut Free Maple Zucchini Muffins. Even though zucchini is a great vegetable to bake with,...

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